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I conducted a summer program for teens and young adults and had them create and design a clothing line. They designed T-shirts and created a logo name. As a gift for completing the program, I ordered a sports bottle with their logo names on it from discount mugs. A very simple order, no logo designs just the name of their clothing line. I have ordered much more complicated stuff off the web and have never been this disappointed.

When I received the box, I was so excited to see the product. I opened it and noticed their was no invoice in the box. I really wanted this because it takes about a month to get your items and they didn't send an email confirmation so I forgot what I had ordered. I pulled out the first sports bottle and the print was 1/4 of an inch big. I wish I could say I was furious but what I was really was so disappointed. I couldn't believe that I waited all this time for this product. I immediately knew that I could never give this to my trainees. I opened the next hoping it would be better. Nope. 1/4 of an inch big. It was the equivalent size of the last line on a eye chart. My heart sank. There was no time to get something else and I really wanted to make this special for them so they would be inspired to create anything they wanted and see it become something bigger than they imagined.

Well after talking it over with my husband and going back to the website I realize that they stated on their webpage that the engraving dimension are 3 inches in Height. So clearly they made a mistake. I contacted them with pictures as they responded the words were too long so that's why they had to be resized. I responded if there was a character limit I would have reconsider the order. In addition, one of the products we ordered only had 3 letter. Yet this product size was still not 3inches big. They didn't respond to that. Oh let's not forget the 3 letter product was misspelled. So they did agree to redo that.

In a nutshell. They falsly advertised their product, they are unprofessional because they never sent an invoice or a confirmation email (normally an indication that something is fishy about the company even ebay sellers send an invoice) and when it was brought to their attention, they did nothing.

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I was able to have another company called Things Remembered engrave on the opposite side of the bottle. The issues is resolved for me.

When you order online, you're bound to get screwed sooner or later.

So I just take it that this was my time. No worries, it all worked out and I learned a valuable lesson about the importance of reading reviews about a company before giving them your business.


Hello Cattin,

No, "steve" does not work for DiscountMugs. This was a false response posted by someone else and this has been reported to the website for removal, I apologize for that.

Im Julie, the Marketing Coordinator at DiscountMugs and would like to work with you to resolve the issue you had with your previous order. Can you provide you order # so that I can take a look at what happened and contact you directly to resolve the issue? You can email me at or just reply here. I deeply apologize for your bad experience and hope that we are able to resolve the issue. Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you.


Does Steve work for Discount Mugs?


you ripped yourself off. they didn't 'falsely advertise' their product.

you need to not falsely submit artwork. what kind of layout did you submit? you mean to tell everyone who reads your complaint that discountmugs winged it and made your artwork up as they printed it? what layout did you approve?

and they sent you an invoice. probably ended up in your spam box. in the near future add people you pay money to to your address book so they show up in your inbox. ebay seller invoices 'show up' in your inbox because ebay to ebay users receive emails to each other in their ebay accounts naturally.

this company you say is 'fishy' and 'unprofessional'? no, you would just like to think so because of your oversight on your lousy art layout that you submitted. when you order a Big Mac that's what you are served. you can't order a Big Mac and expect a McDonald's clerk to read your mind and know deep down you really want a Quarter Pounder.

consult a graphics designer or someone with adobe illustrator experience next time before you take it upon yourself to design and submit your own layout for printing and say "good to go". and P.S. no one resizes something that requires MORE of an area from 3" to 1/4".

maybe a 1/4" to 3"?? I have never heard of such a tiny imprint area for a water bottle.

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