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Advertised vs Delivered
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I recently placed an order for employee shirts, about 50 ts and about 50 polos. Very simple, single color shirts with white lettering. The order was placed through a sales rep on a wednesday about 1230, email confirmations were sent and received, payment was made and everything seemed to be fine. We were supposed to receive proofs of our design within 24-48 hours but by close of business that friday we still had received nothing.

Monday morning rolls around and a little after 9 am I get two emails saying that there had been an error with their pricing and on one type of the shirt we still owed them another 135.00 and on the other type we owed them 61.00 more dollars. Naturally I was curious as to what had happened so i called them for an explanation. While I did so I pulled up their website and went through the whole process again just so i could have the products in my shopping cart and ready to check out so I could see if i'd made a mistake. The sales rep i was speaking to finally gave me the new total after some discussion that was almost a hundred dollars higher than what their website was displaying right in front of me, when confronted about this she immediately began stammering and put me on hold while she "investigated" what was going on. When she came back I was told that their site hadn't been updated and they hadn't applied a discount we were eligible for which knocked the price down but still higher than their web price and about 85.00 over our initial price. At this point the alarm bells in my head were going off, then I received the new invoice with the correct pricing and on it were listed amounts of 166.60, 36.75, 75.00 which add up to 278.35 but in their item total section they were charging 290.85. More alarm bells! I told them that odds are we were about to cancel the order but I had to talk to my boss first to confirm.....naturally when presented with everything he agreed we should cancel and then the fun began. first try to talk me out of it, then told me they were going to charge us a 5 percent cancellation fee because it was over 24 hours after the order. They finally agreed to refund the full amount after I told them we'd kept the records of all our correspondence, that we were cancelling because they changed their pricing, charges, and even added a new charge and hadn't notified us until 4 days later to which we'd responded to within 6 hours and finally threatening to start fraud proceedings. I couldn't believe it.

Stay away from this place, they have scam written all over them and now after reading other posts on here I'm kinda concerned as to whether or not it's all over or not. Hopefully this will help someone else avoid them though.

This reviewer shared experience about pricing issue and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Discountmugs and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about discountmugs shirt from Discountmugs was false advertisement Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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ha likem you so funny.

don't buy anything, ever, without seeing it first. then if you not like, don't pay for it. that simple. and get rid of credit card.

you pay too much extra at the end.

pay cash or don't buy more worry, stoopid.

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