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I've had 10 orders with Discount Mugs this year for athletic event awards. Production time has grown to roughly 3 weeks, when 6 to 10 days is stated. You need to pay extra to get orders produced in a timely manner.

Look to other vendors unless you have a good month before you need your items. The products are available from many other web site vendors.

No other info needed. I just need to fill the space here to get this message to accept. Only 15 more words. Now 10 more words. Now seven words. Now four. Finally, 100 words!

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First, I'd like to thank you for your previous orders with DiscountMugs and apolgize for the issue with production time. We usually have quite a fast production time and am not sure what the issue was with your last order.

Please provide an order number so I can futher investigate and get back to you, as we would love to continue doing business with you. Thank you!

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